Online Slots Games

As mentioned in the introduction, there are very many different varieties of slot machines online. The most basic variation is to be found in the structure of the game, where especially the number of reels will vary. Another important variation is included or excluded features such as wild features, scatter features, bonus games, jackpots and progressive jackpots. A third variation is to be found in the slot machine’s theme, which can vary from action and horror to safari and sports. But these three basic variation options exist, there is no doubt that you will find a slot machine that suits exactly your preferences.

Try slot machines for free online

Online slot machines are only becoming more and more popular. New high-quality slot machines are launched almost every day. You can play slot machines in many different variations. On our pages we have mentioned many hundreds of different slot machines that we have tested carefully. New game developers are constantly popping up to help develop new and innovative games.

Different varieties of slot machines

As I said, there is a huge variety of slot machines online. These come in many different forms with very different game mechanisms. Roughly speaking, we can divide slot machines into three different categories that we find at most online casinos and the best Norwegian casinos .

Video Slots

Represents a new era of graphically decorated slot machines. In this category you will find a great variety in structure, as well as a bunch of different features that allow free spins, big prizes, jackpots and progressive jackpots. These are also the most automatic vending machines during the year. There are modern slot machines with more complicated features. They often have gamification elements and offer hefty bonuses and extra games. 3D slot machines are also considered video slot machines and we look forward to new slot machines being launched in VR format. Another exciting variant of video slot machines are slot machines with the Megaways function. The game developer Big Time Gaming introduced Megaways Slots and there are things that suggest that there are variants like this that may be the future. More and more other game developers are producing slot machines with the Megaways principle now!

Classic slot machines

Classic slot machines are based on traditional land-based slot games that were previously located in Norwegian shops and kiosks. The resurrection that occurred with the abandonment of this type of entertainment, opened new doors for online slot games. You will therefore find a large selection of these classics at most online casinos. The term includes both slot machines and the classic 3-reel slot machines. Although the online editions are inspired by the authentic slot machines, several of these operate with higher winnings, bonus games and jackpots. Among the most popular classic slot machines we find NorgesAutomaten Jackpot 6000 , Jackpot 2000, Super Nudge 6000 and Fire Joker!

Game rules for slot machines

Once your bet has been adjusted, you simply start the game by clicking the spin button. Furthermore, the wheels will turn and hopefully land with a winning symbol combination. Which combinations give a win can, as previously mentioned, be seen in the slot machine’s payout table. Your active bet lines are automatically controlled by the slot machine, but the game is guaranteed to give you greater enjoyment if you know the lines.

tips and advice

Basically, slot machines represent some of the simplest online gambling games. Although the basic principle is the same, it is important to understand that individual slot machines can have special rules. This is especially true if the slot machine in question operates with additional features. You can read more about such functions in the description of the relevant slot game. To highlight the basics, your task is to choose a suitable bet before spinning the reels that will hopefully land with a winning symbol combination.

When you play slot machines, it is up to luck whether you win or not. Slot machines are an entertainment game that is without skills. Other casino games such as poker and blackjack are games where you can use skills to increase your chances of winning. When it comes to slot machines, it is completely random and it is up to your luck whether you win or lose.