Bitcoin Online Casinos

Bitcoin is one of the most innovative payment methods that has hit the market in recent years. Bitcoin is actually a blockchain-based electronic currency that is based on 100% anonymous, secure and decentralized technology.

To be precise, Bitcoin is the very first blockchain-based cryptocurrency that ever existed. Bitcoin has become particularly well known as an investment opportunity, as the price of Bitcoin has increased significantly.

The story behind Bitcoin

Bitcoin was invented by an unknown Japanese developer to allow users around the world to make payments in a completely secure and anonymous way.

Originally Bitcoin was actually only known in online forums and among anarchists, but in recent years the technology has become more and more popular and is now used in a variety of different applications.

Bitcoin availability

Payments with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are unfortunately only possible in very few online casinos in 2021 and this is especially the case in Germany. This is of course a shame, as Bitcoin is a very anonymous and secure payment method and is perfect for online casino payments. We have also summarized the real top online casinos that already accept payments with Bitcoin. So if you want to use Bitcoin, then you can choose a top online casino with Bitcoin here.

How long do you have to wait for the money when depositing with Bitcoin?

Deposits with Bitcoin are usually very fast, but the speed of the payment depends on how many transactions in total around the world are being processed via Bitcoin at that time. Because Bitcoin has become so popular, the transaction time has also increased substantially. Other crypto currencies are a lot faster and therefore many prefer payments with Ethereum, for example, but even with Bitcoin a payment usually only takes a few minutes.

Are Bitcoin Payments Really Safe?

Safety is of course extremely important when playing with real money in online casinos. We are not aware of any payment method that is as secure as Bitcoin. Every transaction with Bitcoin is 100% secure and 100% anonymous. This has to do with the blockchain technology on which Bitcoin is based. Blockchain only works if each transaction is confirmed by several computers in the Bitcoin network by performing calculations, which secures each transaction.

Sing-up bonuses at Bitcoin

One of the great advantages of paying with Bitcoin is that you can claim most of the sign-up bonuses without any problems. In some top online casinos, it is even the case that the online casino offers its own Bitcoin Sing-up Bonus , which you only get if you deposit money into your gaming account with a crypto currency.

These bonuses can sometimes be very lucrative and good for new players and that is why we are particularly pleased experts at CasinoViking.

Customer support at Bitcoin

A disadvantage of Bitcoin is that there is actually no customer support. Bitcoin should be thought of more like cash, as it is a completely decentralized payment method and there is no company or other institution that brought Bitcoin to market.

Even so, if you have any problems you can contact the customer support of your online casino and any top online casino that supports Bitcoin payments will help you with all of your problems.

Different currencies with bitcoin

Bitcoin is particularly suitable for deposits and withdrawals in your online casino if you want to use money in different currencies to play. Since Bitcoin is a completely international, digital currency, you can not only buy Bitcoin with any currency, but also exchange it back into any currency.

Bitcoin payment fees

In general, every payment with Bitcoin incurs fees to finance the blockchain technology. However, some top online casinos take these very low fees for their players. This is of course great for us players, but even in the online casinos where fees are charged, the costs are extremely low and they should therefore never prevent you from using Bitcoin as a payment method.

However, you can always look at the exact fee structure in the fine print of your online casino in order to know exactly whether and which fees you will incur for deposits and withdrawals.

Fluctuations in value in Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin has become increasingly popular not only as a payment method, but also as an investment, sometimes very large fluctuations in value have become commonplace and completely normal.

In and of itself, this is not a problem, as you can exchange your Bitcoin for a currency of your choice immediately after the payout, but you should still have it in your head and take a close look at the price development so as not to have a nasty surprise when you get yours Want to exchange Bitcoin and the real money amount is suddenly 10 or 20% lower than expected.

This effect can of course also go in the other direction and historically the price of Bitcoin has increased a lot, but of course that is an additional risk that not everyone wants to take.